Monday, May 23, 2011

Catch It!

'Catch it!'
you be a bounty hunter and collect a universe criminal.

You must completely arrest a universe criminal that occupies green-star.
Fly countless UFOs over their cities and abduct them.
Create worm holes in midair, and toss the Mogs inside.
Your faithful UFOs will bring them to the mothership.

They will scream, fall in mayhem and resist, but you don't care.
You are the great hunter invading the Green Planet.
Abduct all [Mogs] on the Green Planet and conquer the world!

- Features -

1. Gameplay method is different in day and night.
In the daytime, UFOs abduct the [Mogs]. UFOs will move along the route that you draw for them with your fingers.
If you are careful to avoid UFOs from colliding with each other, you will be able to eradicate the stupid [Mogs] from their city.
In the nighttime, UFOs take care of the [Mogs] that survived the daytime. Create a massive wormhole in the sky to throw the [Mogs] into.
Be careful, as the terrified [Mogs] sometimes explode.

2. Various types of UFOs appear in the game.
New UFOs will appear every time you conquer a continent.
There are even UFOs that can perform mind control on the [Mogs], and magnet UFOs that can recover metal.
These special UFOs will help you in your conquest of the Green Planet.

3. [Mogs] of various colors appear in the game.
The Green Planet is infested with [Mogs] of various colors and shapes. They have different characteristics, weight and behavior patterns.
Some [Mogs] soar on balloons, while some slow their fall with umbrellas.
Still, they are all potential targets for abduction. You must neutralize their resistance and trample their city.

4. 10 Upgrade Parts
You can upgrade your mothership in order to efficiently abduct the [Mogs]. Use the space coins that you obtain for excellently abducting the [Mogs] to upgrade your mothership. The [Mogs] will tremble in fear at the sight of your mothership.

5. Combo System
You can gain additional combo gauge for consecutively abducting [Mogs] of the same color. When the combo gauge is completely charged, you will be empowered beyond time and space. Demonstrate the overwhelming technology of the aliens to the uncivilized [Mogs].

6. Rush Hour System
The [Mogs] are going home from work. Countless [Mogs] pour out onto the streets. The UFOs move around in mayhem, and may collide at a higher rate. Rush hour exists in a different time phase for each stage, with the difficulty rising at a steep rate.
Still, you are not a nice alien who will let the [Mogs] go home that easily, so you will be able to clean up the streets easily.

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