Monday, February 14, 2011

Cool Running

In this game, a cute penguin must complete missions to reach its destination!
It is a very charming game, indeed '-')/
Still, the poor penguin may fall down the cliff at any moment,
so you must try your best to build its path!

This game has 5 different themes and 100 levels ^^

As shown above, there are two ways of building the path for the penguin.
The user can choose the way by using Options ^^
The first method is to drag a path for the penguin to follow!
The second method is to directly touch the desired angle (up, down, left, right) at each turning point to build a path.

Since I’m quite slow,
I chose the dragging method instead of creating the angles for the penguin ~~!! Ha ha!

There are many options that help the penguin move in between the games.
There are 14 types of these options.
I’ll be showing you a couple of them!
As you will see in the game,
there are many obstacles blocking the penguin from reaching its destination.
That’s when you should use these options to move on to the next level!
Since such options are available,
you should try your best not to let the penguin fall down the dangerous cliffs!
You might find that the penguin moves more quickly than you expect! T_T

You can also choose the theme of the penguin!
You can move on to the next theme by clearing all levels in a single Age!
As I mentioned earlier, there are 5 types of themes!
and SECRET AGE! :-)

Let me show you how to play.

When the penguin is about to make a turn to reach its destination,
you have to place a 'triangular box,' as shown in the capture screen.
Then, the penguin will move according to the direction of the triangular box ^^

You have to think quickly about where to place the triangular boxes,
since the penguin will move more quickly than you expect!

I recommend this game to people who would like to experience some simple thrills of game play with a cute little penguin, since winter isn’t over just yet :-)

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