Monday, February 14, 2011

UFO Holic

UFO Holic is an arcade game in which a lonely alien must abduct Mogs, a life form from the Green Planet, which is similar to Earth, to create its partner alien.

The game is divided into Campaign Mode, Rush Hour Mode and Nightmare Mode.
Campaign Mode is the story mode, in which the user can play in the two different styles of daytime and nighttime.
In daytime, the great Mother Ship floats above the skies with the Mogs running around on the streets.
Touch a Mog with your finger and draw a line to an opened gate on the Mother Ship so the UFO can abduct the Mog.
In nighttime, touch the Mogs on the streets and use shockwaves to fling the Mogs into their respective holes.

Rush Hour Mode is the unlimited mode of the daytime of Campaign Mode, whereas Nightmare Mode is the unlimited mode of the nighttime of Campaign Mode.
The two unlimited modes are opened only after the player reaches a certain point in the Campaign Mode story.

There are 6 continents in Campaign Mode, with each continent having 8 different stages and 1 special stage.
Each stage proceeds in alternating daytime and nighttime modes, and the user moves on to the next stage by clearing the current stage, and moves on to the next continent by clearing the current continent.

In daytime mode, the user must use the UFOs abduct the Mogs from the streets, as described earlier.
Touch a Mog with your fingertip and drag it to a gate of the Mother Ship in the sky to guide a UFO to abduct the Mog along the directed path.

At this time, be careful to avoid a collision between the UFOs. When there is a collision, one life is lost.
After 3 lives are lost, it is game over. The color of the medal differs according to the number of lives remaining upon clearing the level.
Try collecting gold medals by clearing the level without losing any lives!!! +_+

The Mogs appear in different colors and shapes, so the user must abduct Mogs of the same color as the gate color.
Generally, the Blue Mogs have a basic speed, whereas the Red Mogs are abducted quickly and the Yellow Mogs are abducted slowly. Each type of Mog has different characteristics.
There are also various interference factors that enhance the entertainment value of the game, such as resisting Mogs, Mogs on balloons, Mogs floating down on umbrellas and many more.

Also, there are various types of UFOs, including the Charismatic Skull or Mysterious Starfish, which appear to help abduct resisting Mogs.

In nighttime mode, the user must touch the Mogs around the streets to fling them into wormholes.
A frequency gauge is at the top, and indicates the number of times you can fling the Mogs. The gauge decreases with each touch, and recharges as time passes.
Failure to fling the Mogs into the wormholes within a certain time or hitting the phase cannon will explode the Mog, which means that you lose one life.

Just as in daytime mode, the user must absorb Mogs of various colors according to the colors of the wormholes, and there are various interference factors such as spheres, phase cannons and protective shields to add to the entertainment value of the game.

You can also achieve combos by consecutively abducting or flinging Mogs of the same color in both daytime and nighttime modes. You gain coins by achieving combos.
The coins that you gain at this time are used for upgrades that greatly help with the game play, such as increasing the number of gates or wormholes, or reducing the probability of resistance, so remember to achieve combos to earn coins!!!

Also, achieving combos charges the combo gauge on the top. When the combo gauge is full, special gates or wormholes are created, such as Shiny Gates or Shiny Wormholes that let you abduct Mogs regardless of color, so remember to shake your phone when the gauge is full to make your games easier!!!

The more stages you clear in both daytime and nighttime, the more types of Mogs and interference factors appear to add to the fun of the game, so don’t give up if you get one Game Over. Hang in there! ^-^
Since you gain coins by playing well, you can use them to make upgrades when the games get too difficult!!!

Finally, there are 40 Achievements available to collect during the games, which add more fun.

This is all there is to the simple, yet highly addictive UFO Holic.
UFO Holic is currently listed in the App Stores of a number of countries, including the United States, Hong Kong and Japan (excluding Korea). It is supported in Korean, English and Japanese for user convenience.


  1. I cannot go through the 8th north american level, it's a night one.
    blue worms appears then nothing during at least 30 seconds.
    please give me tips.

    1. yes! me too! i still cannot solve it:(

  2. UFO Holic Update
    fixed level balance - The game is easier